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” The High Stakes Gamble Of Erdogan’s Reckless Power Grab” 2023

As Turkey approaches presidential and administrative choices on May 14, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is fighting an uphill battle for survival.

He’s before in the pates, which can be attributed to three main reasons. First, Erdogan can no longer calculate on his autocratic bargain rested on delivering profitable growth and upward mobility in return for political support or quiescence.

This served Erdogan well during utmost of his 20 times in power but is moment irreparably broken. His stubborn and oblivious financial policy has left the frugality fragile and suffering from high affectation. A major corrosion of copping
power generating growing poverty and income difference replaced in the last couple of times. But the bad news for Erdogan doesn’t end with the frugality.


Alternate, and maybe most important, a traditionally weak and disunited opposition is now united against him. An miscellaneous coalition of six parties, boosted with the support of a kingmaker Kurdish political movement, stands forcefully behind Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of the social-popular Democratic People’s Party and the seeker of what’s known as the Nation Alliance. Kilicdaroglu is ahead of Erdogan in the pates, but his periphery is slim.

Eventually, a third representative also works against Erdogan the ponderous earthquake that shook Turkey on February 6 and killed further than 50,000 people. The disaster blatantly debunked theinefficiency and institutional decayunder Erdogan’s one- man rule. To the massive frustration of millions affected, the state wasquasi-absent in the immediate fate of the disaster. Under the loose operation of unskillful cronies, governmental agencies not only failed in hunt and deliverance sweats but also misruledpost-disaster relief.

Under normal fates these factors should reword into a major defeat for the ruling Justice and Development Party( AKP). Yet, choices are no longer free and fair in Erdogan’s Turkey. The authority controls utmost of the media and the judicial system. In the absence of a strong periphery of palm for the opposition, Erdogan may refuse to concede and take the result to the courts or worse to the thoroughfares. Lacking seductiveness and oratory chops but with a strong character for integrity, Kilicdaroglu, 74, is the mastermind of the opposition’s recently acquired concinnity. But he has a losing band against Erdogan.

In a two-round presidential election system that’s bound to be tightly queried, whether Kilicdaroglu can win in the first round with further than 50 percent of the vote will end up depending on an unknown the resurgent training of Muharrem Ince, who hasemerged as a populist disrupterto the delight of Erdogan. Ince, who pates between 5 and 7 percent, attracts youngish choosers unhappy with both the AKP and the opposition.


Given the stakes, the whole country is on edge. A large part of the population is ready for change. But the same societal member is anxious and incredulous about the prospect of Erdogan losing power. Like numerous spectators in the West who warrant confidence in Turkey’s popular maturity, numerous in Turkey find it hard to believe that Erdogan will still vanish after losing an election. This brings us to a critically important, yet frequently misknew dimension of the drama about to unfold in Turkey Erdogan’s biggest advantage is his air of political invincibility.

There seems to be a fatalistic abdication that Erdogan will find a way to stay in power and that a peaceful transition will prove fugitive. The same alarmism sees this election as the last luck before Turkey slides into absolutism. similar apprehension may serve to intoxicate the opposition. But it’s lost and ignores reality.

Erdogan isn’t as strong as he seems and Turkey isn’t an authoritarianism like Russia or China where pates are ornamental. Despite the illiberal nature of tyrannizer rule, choices will continue to count if Turkish people aren’t bullied by Erdogan. Indeed if he manages to win, the Turkish people and the opposition should remain watchful, make sure the result isn’t manipulated before conceding, and prepare for the coming fight rather of losing stopgap and faith in choices. Turkish republic will outlive Erdogan indeed if he scores a pyrrhic short- term palm. Erdogan is bound to lose indeed if he wins.

Eventually, let’s not forget that Erdogan lost original choices in all major metropolises in 2019 when the opposition was united and entered Kurdish support. In Istanbul, a 16 million megapolis and exemplification of Turkey, Erdogan refused the result after a veritably narrow loss and bullied his way to a rehearsal.


He lost in a landslide.
And all this was before the profitable meltdown and the hyperinflation of the last two times. Behind the facade of his massive presidential palace, Erdogan is a lonely man, detached from reality, and girdled by fawners. Yes, he has gained a well- justified character as a unethical survivor after 20 times in power. But centralization of decision- timber, personalization of authority, and the hollowing out of state institutions haven’t made him stronger.

nstead, Turkey’s tyrannizer is now at hisweakest.However, it’ll not be because of his capacity to govern or his populist programs raising the minimal pay envelope or lowering the withdrawal age, If Erdogan wins on May 14. It’ll be because too numerous Turks still believe he’s insurmountable.



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